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WebCTRL Software

Internet/Web Browser Based Graphical Operator Interface

This high powered, high resolution operating system built entirely around proven web technologies enables facility operators to efficiently implement complex control, monitoring and alarming strategies and view their performance through on screen display of real time performance – from anywhere in the world with only the use of Internet Explorer. And unlimited simultaneous users are included for NO additional cost.

WebCTRL was designed from the ground up to be a web-based management tool that allows building managers to spend their time making decisions, not juggling data. With WebCTRL, an operator is able to move rapidly through the system with the use of a two button mouse, selecting activities through a menu of on-screen icons. Information is communicated through colors that signify comfort and operating conditions, which are operator defined based upon operating parameters and real-time actual conditions.

Multi-level password protected access eliminates the possibility of the wrong personnel modifying operating parameters or editing the system programming. Security protection is equal to your bank’s on-line security and operator protection.

As a monumental step forward in DDC software, WebCTRL was designed with four distinguishing characteristics:

  • WebCTRL software was designed to support multiple standard and non-standard protocols such as BACnet, LonWorks, MODBUS, SNMP and previous generation legacy protocols and it does this for concurrent operation over the same data highway, TCP/IP (Ethernet).
  • WebCTRL is not a browser enabled “bolt-on” to an existing proprietary software package where functionality through the browser is limited. WebCTRL software was designed from the ground up around web technology, therefore any device with the appropriate web standards support (including Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape Navigator 5.0) becomes a full featured graphical operator interface with the BAS/DDC and other systems. No special software at the browser is required. This is an important distinction because “full featured” includes trending, scheduling using a graphical interface, downloading memory, not only seeing but interacting with graphic programming logic (EIKON) in real time, tree navigation, dynamic use of thermographic floorplans, etc.
  • WebCTRL is a JAVA based system and was not designed around any one company, e.g., Microsoft or Intel. It was designed around well established open standards broadly supported by all of the major suppliers of operating systems and hardware. WebCTRL server software can run on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Sun Microsystems Solaris, Linux and even Apple Power Mac. It is hardware independent and operating system independent. Its database can be IBM’s DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access or others.
  • Because of the increasing need to share information with other information systems whether it is with the “enterprise mainframe” or an approved third party, WebCTRL was designed for the easy transfer of database information to and from other computers or customer software packages, such as an energy services provider utilizing real-time pricing strategies. WebCTRL supports XML/SOAP and comes with a CORBA/RMI interface, an industry accepted open standard for transferring information from one computer system to another as well as Microsoft’s OLE/OPC interface capability.

EIKON-Graphical Progamming Software

EIKON is the Automated Logic graphic programming package which harnesses yesterday’s simplicity and combines it with tomorrow’s power, in order to provide a universally understood application programming package. EIKON is used to program all I/O Hardware and CONNECT third party protocol interfaces in order to produce the sequences of operation required for the customer’s applications. In addition to being easily understood, the EIKON graphic programming provides on-line diagnostic capabilities unequaled by anything in the industry today, which provides the operator with a tool that greatly reduces operating time required to understand mechanical or electrical system trouble calls and provides a more efficient troubleshooting process.

EIKON is included with all WebCTRL software installations. The customer gets the same tools that our engineers and technicians use.

Along with the unparalleled programming power and on-line diagnostics, EIKON provides a simulator package which allows engineers, designers, field technicians and operators to instantly test, adjust and fine tune an application program before it is implemented in the field. At the operators’ workstation, the operator can instantly simulate the field operating conditions and environment while running the application in simulator mode before subjecting the building equipment to implementation. This ensures that the programming produces the correct sequences of operation and produces a more cost-effective and less time consuming commissioning process. The WAC design team utilizes the simulator package on all programming prior to field commissioning resulting in reduced field startup time.

WebCTRL ALarm and Event Reporting and Tracking (ALERT)

ALERT is the integral enhanced alarm and event reporting and tracking package integral to WebCTRL.

In the area of alarm management, there are two demands that must be met to ensure a prompt and accurate response in the event of an alarm condition: 1) immediate notification of the appropriate facilities personnel and 2) their ability to instantly access the information necessary to make the correct decisions. With today’s ALERT, Automated Logic brings the same user friendliness and decision making power to alarm management as it has for over a decade in system operation and scheduling.

ALERT provides facilities managers the flexibility to define and prioritize alarm and event conditions based upon specific building criteria and system operation. These event specifications include identification of the appropriate individual to be contacted, how and where they should be contacted based on the time of day, and what information they will need to properly address the situation.

ALERT arms facilities managers with a sophisticated tracking and reporting capability that is efficient to manage, maintain and edit. In the event of an alarm, the extensive accounting of facility activities is instantly accessed and immediately communicated to provide the appropriate historical information and detection of abnormal conditions needed to properly address the alarm condition. Reports can be automatically printed, archived, emailed or text messaged to the appropriate parties.