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Controller I/O Hardware - Standalone Microprocessor Controls

The advantages of automated control strategies are combined in the Automated Logic family of products through power and simplicity utilizing the full line of input/output 32-bit microprocessor hardware. Robust and reliable, this latest generation of I/O hardware utilizes BACnet over a high speed ARCNET 156 Kbaud communication bus for peer to peer controller level communications. This hardware is designed to be reliable, cost effective and easy to install, commission, maintain and expand as customer needs grow.

The I/O Hardware family is based upon a highly modular design with three basic product groups, each targeted for a particular set of building requirements and applications. The complete offering includes general purpose controllers and application specific controllers, plus BACview, an operator interface keypad designed for local system access and smaller building automation facilities. These three product groups are:


The ME line of controllers (ME for multi-equipment) consists of numerous controller configurations which encompasses the most complex control strategies required in today’s systems. These controllers all utilize BACnet over ARCNET 156 Kbaud communications featuring expandable and non-expandable controllers designed for central plant, air handling units, light process, or more complex applications. Available in a variety of sizes, expandable controllers simply plug together to provide the point combination and configuration necessary.


The SE line of controllers (SE for single equipment applications) was designed for unitary type HVAC and equipment control encompassing an extended operating range for outdoor temperature requirements. This line of controller is ideal for applications that must be mounted in non-conditioned environments such as roof top HVAC equipment, non-conditioned process areas and boiler rooms. The SE line controller utilizes an input/output configuration of up to 6 digital outputs, 16 universal inputs and 6 analog outputs.

ZN Line

The ZN line of controllers was designed for zone control applications including fan coil units, heat pumps, unit ventilators, radiant heaters, variable air volume (VAV) terminal boxes and powered induction (PIU) terminal boxes. The ZN line is available in 5 models including two designed with integral air flow measuring devices for applications involving pressure independent VAV and PIU zone control. Integral test and balance software is included as well as integrated Test and Balance Reporting and Archiving of Data via the WebCTRL software.

All I/O Hardware communicates via native BACnet with one another with equal authority on a peer to peer basis to share global information necessary to implement building wide strategies. Each controller contains the intelligence necessary to operate in a standalone mode to prevent failure of building systems ensuring minimal environmental, mechanical or electrical disruptions. All Automated Logic I/O Hardware is UL listed.

The simplicity of the modular, target-applications approach described above puts the power of control in the hands of the design engineering team, the owner and GSA design staff to develop cost-effective and efficient solutions for the specific control/monitor system requirements. This approach including the utilization of native BACnet encompasses the owners’ long range plans to effectively manage expansion of their building.