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At Gulf States Automation, we recognize the need to closely monitor and curtail energy costs. We also recognize that a comfortable classroom environment is essential to top academic achievement.

M-Power™, teamed with WebCTRL™ building automation system, maximizes energy monitoring, and environmental performance to enhance and sustain academic performance.

M-Power is an innovative tool that captures facility data in a timely manner and provides revealing information to make wise decisions.

M-Power is a facilities performance application software that allows you to effectively monitor your facilities’ overall efficiency and quality of environment. This information is invaluable when indexing student performance. The M-Power product puts your building’s performance data at your fingertips. The data is where you want it, when you want it.

Energy and environmental performance indexes are collected every 15 minutes and stored so you get immediate customized reports.

The power of the data is in our ability to compensate for weather, occupancy, load, and other variables that can not be controlled. Report data is normalized for building square footage, population, scheduling, cooling degree days and heating degree days.

M-Power Features:

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Classroom Environmental Indexing

Web Access

Automatic Data Extraction

Interval Metering

Revealing Reports

Comparative Historical Analysis

Identifiable Facility Improvement Measures

ROI Determination